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  • Justice: legal analysis, development of legal framework, technical advice, capacity building;

  • Child protection: research, capacity building, advocacy;

  • Service provision:

  • Legal support (primary and secondary legal aid for vulnerable groups)

  • Psychological and social support

  • Support youth in vocational training, employment initiatives ect. 

  • Mediation service and referral to mediation services, promoting of restorative justice practices.


Our expertise 


Legal Expertise 

CILSP provides legal expertise on drafting: (i) legal opinions on normative frameworks such as laws, bylaws, regulations, policies, strategies, regulations, guidelines etc; (ii) legal analysis on various legal acts and comparative studies on the compliance of the domestic legislation with international standards; (iii) new laws and/or amendments of existing laws; (iv) state policy papers and strategies on juvenile justice system; (v) assessment of child protection system; (vi) advocating and advancing children’s rights agenda and (vii) research and publications on different legal and/or psychological issues.


Psychological expertise

CILSP’s psychological expertise consist of: (i) drafting of Guidelines for the realization of criminal and civil evaluations from the psychologist and social workers; (ii) defining the standards upon which the evaluation procedure is undertaken by the psychologist; (iii) defining the standard procedure on child friendly interviewing techniques of children/juveniles applied by the psychologists in police station, prosecution office and/or court; and (iv) preparing of guidelines on the Code of Ethics for the psychologist in their daily work in the justice system.  


CILSP’s psychologist has given its expertise presenting a psychological perspective for the implementation of its provisions best on the best interest of the child and introducing for the first time in Albania the drafting of the psychological evaluation during divorce procedures. 


Legal Services Provision

CILPS provides legal assistance to juveniles in conflict with the law, victims of crime and also to adults from all vulnerable groups in civil and penal processes, throughout all the steps of the legal process. The legal services consist in legal counseling legal representation in the police station, prosecution office and courts and giving information on the status of the legal proceedings and consequences. Legal assistance is offered, also, on custody and adoption cases. Legal education and awareness raising activities are activities conducted by CILSP intensively in the recent years.  


Psychological Services Provision

CILPS provides psychological assistance for children/juveniles and their families as well but not only. CILPS offers psychological services to adults from vulnerable groups. For all these target groups the psychological support consists in assessment and treatment of psychological and emotional/behaviroal problems.  In addition, CILPS collaborates with First Instance District Courts to assist custody cases with psychological assistance aiming at protecting the best interest of the child.


Capacities in “case management”

Cases in probation service: CILSP collaborates with General Directorate of Probation Service for the treatment of juveniles who are sentenced with alternative measures. CILPS has treated approximately 400 cases during the past years. 

Cases of abused and neglected children:  CILSP, through its staff of attorneys and psychologists, provides legal assistance to cases of children abused/ neglected and psychological support to children at risk or victims of abuse, exploitation or trafficking. 

Children without parental care: Both the attorney at law and the psychologist support the cases referred by different sources.

Children from vulnerable families: CILSP help children from vulnerable families and their families to increase their knowledge on their rights and, provide them with needed information on how access to justice. By informing them about their rights, as well as the law criterions to benefit from them such as the right to economic aid, employment, the right to education they are empowered to have more access and ask for the fulfillment of their rights by the respective state institutions.


Capacity Building Activities 

CILSP is specialized in the development of training materials and organization of training sessions nationwide. In the organization of trainings, CILSP has provided a series of capacity building activities for professionals in collaboration with : School of Magistrate; Albanian Police Academy; Education Directorate; National Bar Association; General Directorate of Probation Service, General Directorate of Prison, State Agency for the Protection of Children’s Rights, Order of Psychologist, attending centers ect. The training programs organized by CILSP have been part of a greater intervention which have contributed to: (i) building a common understanding on the law and assuring right implementation of the law from different state officials; (ii) remedy situations evidenced in practice by increasing knowledge of stakeholders (iii) increase the knowledge and awareness on children’s rights and (IV)raising capacities of forensic psychologists in providing assistance and evaluations within the justice system. The trainings curricula have been drafted based on integrated programs, including both a legal and a psychological perspective, having a mix audience of different professionals such as judges, prosecutors, police officers, lawyers, psychologists etc. 

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